Triumph Bra Fitting YCN Student Award 2011/12 Commendation

My brief for the YCN Student Awards 2011/12 was to create a piece of communication that promotes Triumph’s bra fitting service. I chose this competition brief, because I knew it would be a challenge: I needed to promote underwear in a non-sexualised way, and also publicise the importance of bra fittings, which are often viewed by women as unneeded and even a dated concept.

My concept was based upon the nicknames the women have given to either their breasts or bras when they are wearing an ill-fitted bra, and I used a blend of model photography and humorous illustration to promote the service in a series of print outcomes. Illustrations of 8 ‘symptoms’ that women could identify with were held up in front of an unimpressed looking model, to show that these problems were widely identified, but also easily fixed with a fitting. The playful tag lines and illustrations also appealed to younger women – an audience that Triumph was particularly looking to interest, to drive home the importance of fitting at an early age.

My submission for this brief received a commendation at the YCN Student Awards 2011/2012, having been chosen from hundreds of applications from art and design courses across the country.

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