Reforma Dance Theatre

Print and digital work Reforma Dance Theatre

After a period of growth in their company, Reforma, a dance company based in Manchester, contacted me wishing to create a portfolio website. After an increased number of bookings at a series of high profile events, they realised the importance of having a good brand presence online.

My brief was to design and develop a website for them. I had enjoyed a long term relationship with Reforma, previously creating both digital and print work for them, so had looked forward to the challenge of working again with a brand that prided itself on being contemporary, loud, and unashamedly in your face.

Working with a client who gave me the freedom to try out new ideas, and wanted anything but a normal website was a fun and valuable learning experience for me. At the time, the company had recently had professional black and white photographs taken, so they played a large part as the backgrounds in the final design of the site. This contrasted well with the punchy red and black colour scheme and block sans-serif font of the navigation, and proved a great metaphor for the variety of mismatching dance styles that Reforma as a company covered.

A recent decision to re-create the website as a Tumblr theme, to enable the client themselves to update and make changes to the site without development knowledge, is currently underway. The existing website is live, at

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