Make-A-Wish are a charity who create wishes for children with critical illnesses. These wishes are something to look forward to, and provide an uplifting break for children who deal with the day-to-day struggles of living with a critical illness. As a Designer I always want my work to help others in some way, little or otherwise, and my ongoing work with Make-A-Wish is one of my most satisfying projects; not only in the direct impact of what I help produce, but hearing first-hand about the work the charity do other areas such as events and volunteering.

The charity has obviously made an impact with the public, due to a combination of the important and inspiring work they do, but also the creativity and originality that comes from putting their wishes together; wishes have included meeting Santa, becoming a pilot, hosting a festival and being a zookeeper.

My work with the Make A Wish charity was a great opportunity to work with a fun and colourful brand, one that was a departure from many of my previous clients. Unlike a number of children’s charities MAW focus on the use of cheerful and heart-warming photography and messages, even though their charity works with children with life-threatening illnesses. I’ve had the pleasure to work on a variety of projects with them, including fundraising packs, donation collateral and items that are sold in their gift shop.

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