The Gender Action for Peace and Security network (GAPS) approached me to design their report on the protection of women and girls in preventing violent extremism. The organisation, which includes members such as Oxfam, Actionaid and Amnesty International, do important work promoting and supporting women in conflict areas across the globe.

It was a great experience working with a network that does such important work, and doing my part in allowing them to continue to achieve the attention and impact they deserve. The report itself was a fascinating subject to work on too. While I have experience in the charity sector, it is largely UK-based and this gave me the opportunity to work on a report and subject that would be discussed worldwide.

GAPS have a strong brand colour scheme, and access to amazing photography through their members, and were keen for this report to really make the most of that and not just be another plain report that would be quickly be forgotten. This allowed me to really experiment with layouts and colours that complemented the photos, and meant we ended up with a report that was easy to navigate and understand but also visually exciting.

The full report can be viewed here.

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