Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals

Website design and development Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals Bariatric Service

Companies, big or small, are now expected to have an online presence as standard, whether that is just a social media account, or complete digital marketing plan. I was approached by the Bariatrics Service of Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals, as they felt they needed to expand their reach online. Their main objective was to make it easier for both existing and potential future patients to find all the information they needed, and to make contacting the service easier. An increased amount of upcoming activities and social events needed to be advertised on the website also.

My work involved creating a series of website mock ups, the design and website brand guidelines, and final development. I was provided with the information that needed to be included, but was given free reign over how the website was organised and what content I chose to prioritise.

The site needed to be able to cope with various types of content, but also have a simple and easy-to-navigate design, as a number of the website’s users were older and would struggle with an overly detailed creation. However, for younger users who were comfortable with more complex sites, and were more likely to view their site on mobile phones or tablets, the site needed to be responsive also. We chose a colour scheme that worked alongside the NHS’ brand guidelines, and the pastel blue and grey colours and curved content boxes gave a slight modern update.

The website is currently in the process of acquiring a domain name, and will be live soon.

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