Anna Scholz

Graphic Design Assistant Anna Scholz

At Anna Scholz, I enjoyed input into every stage of content creation; from taking part in initial meetings discussing content and design ideas with senior colleagues, to pressing send on email campaigns.

I worked closely with the eCommerce Designer, managing the company’s online assets and digital communications, including creating email campaigns, online editorials, advertising banners, and social media content.

My copy-writing skills were also put to good use, as my role allowed me to both create my own content, as well as find ways to promote it. This involved conducting interviews with notable figures in the fashion community, and producing blogs and newsletter content relating to current trends and interests. I also encouraged the company to expand their online presence beyond their own website through the use of infographics, which could be shared on fashion blogs and social media, to drive traffic back to the site.

A knowledge in photography allowed me to prepare detailed briefs for upcoming photoshoots, have art direction input on the day, and finally make digital touchups to images to ensure they were of industry standard.

Plus-size fashion brands are finally making their mark in the fashion world, after years of being stigmatised by such a size-ist industry. It was fascinating to be part of a company that was at the forefront of this, having such an impact, and a wonderful experience knowing that my creative input was a part of that.

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