Design quote bags

Screen printing is something I have admired from afar for many years, and I finally got around to taking a class just before Christmas last year. I loved it, and have been a fan ever since.

During that class I printed a simple face design onto a series of canvas bags, that I later gave to friends for Christmas. I was very happy with the outcomes, especially as I’d only known what I was doing for about an hour previously (!), but couldn’t wait to have another go with a more complex design. So I bought a screen printing set, and set aside the Bank Holiday May Day to have another go.

The week previously I had watched Design Disruptors, a documentary about the importance of design in modern companies. It was a great look at how design goes beyond just ‘making things look pretty’, and now plays a huge part in the thought processes that companies go through. I’d highly recommend it, and one quote that particularly stuck with me was ‘Art is about making questions. Design is about making solutions.’. Granted it may not be the most grammatically correct sentence ever, but I loved how simple the difference between art and design could be boiled down to, and agreed with it completely.

As I’m still a screen printing newbie, and wanted the quote to be the main focus, I chose a simple red/yellow ombre effect for the prints, and also splodged extra ink around the sides/straps of the bag. Attached are some photos of the finished bags, as well as some accidental outcomes of the process, that I also thought looked pretty good.

Next step: 2 stage prints!