My passion projects

I don’t stop being a creative person when I turn my computer off after a day at work. Sometimes I even come straight back home, and turn my personal computer on to work on my own projects! I always have multiple projects on the go, ranging from long-term plans to my current passion of the month.

However, these often go unseen, either sat on my hard drive for no one else to see but me, or added to a box under my bed a few months down the line once I’ve created something new, and more interesting. The idea behind this blog is to share my projects: the finished pieces and the works-in-progress, the photographs and screen prints, the designs that have been brewing in my head for months and those that were just a sudden flash of inspiration one afternoon.

I especially am looking forward to stepping outside of my comfort zone. As much of my work is digital these days, I’m making more of an effort to do physical work. Getting my hands dirty with screen prints and watercolours, and not having the comfort of the Undo button like you do in Illustrator!

At the very least it will be a great timeline and archive of my work.