Triumph - YCN Student Award Brief

For the YCN Student Awards 2011/12, one of the competition briefs was to create a piece of communication that promotes Triumph’s bra fitting service. I chose this brief, largely because I thought it would be a challenge to create an interesting graphical outcome for a clothing item that is normally advertised in such a boring way.

Triumph isn’t known for its overly sexy and stylish designs; so I decided to go for a humorous approach to promote the brand’s durability, reliability, comfort and pretty designs.

Using images from a photoshoot, and hand drawn illustrations, I created a series of swing tags, tent cards, loyalty cards, floor displays and posters. It could also be developed into an online game.

The idea behind my project is based upon the nicknames the women have given to either their breasts or bras when they are wearing an ill-fitted bra. I chose the above 8 ‘symptoms’ as most women would be able to identify with them, and chose to illustrate them in a humourous way to strike a chord with the women viewing the ads, but also to show that these so called problems are not serious and can be easily rectified with a bra fitting from Triumph.

I chose these 8 ‘symptoms’ as I felt they were the most familiar and recognisable to women. I wanted to stay with Triumph’s typical use of model photography for the campaign, but also modernise it and make it more acceptable to younger audiences through the use of illustration. Here they are in their A5 promotional flyer format, but each of the symptoms can be developed into other outcomes.

My submission for this brief received a commendation at the YCN Student Awards 2011/2012.