NHS Bariatrics Website

I was approached by the Bariatrics Service at Ashford and St Peter's Hospitals to create a website for them, as they wanted a site that allowed them to post and update information about upcoming activities events that they were hosting.

I was initially given all the information that was due to be included, so had to decide how it would be spread across the site, and also rank the content in terms of importance, and decide it's place on pages and tabs based on this.

Because the details about group activities, such as walking and cycling programmes, were an important section of the new site, and would potentially be viewed quite often, it was decided that the website had to be responsive, and make it easier for people to view the website on their tablets and phones.

While the work I've done on previous websites always involved making sure it worked on smaller screens, the amount of text in the Bariatric's site meant that to ensure it was still readable, I had to redesign and rearrange a lot of the elements. This was a great insight, however, into coding everything to ensure it still behaved on smaller screens.

This website is currently a work in progress and is due to go live at the end of August.