I've been creating infographics both on a freelance basis and as part of full-time jobs for quite a few years now, and they remain one of my favourite things to design. I think they're a great way to create content for a company's website and social media channels, as they can literally cover any subject possible, so there will always be people on the internet who are interested in the subject, and will share it online – even if they are not customers of the company.

My infographic work involves me creating the layouts and design elements, and sometimes the text content as well. This involves a lot of research on my part, such as checking facts, or contacting people or companies mentioned, but this only increases my interest in the subject, and makes working on the piece in question even more enjoyable.

Through the Brighton based marketing company Upstream, I have produced work for ESL Languages, Malvern House and eHarmony, and also worked on infographics for Apartment Geeks and Bitcoin Examiner, whilst working with the infographic agency NeoMam. During my time at the fashion company Anna Scholz, I created a selection of infographics which a number of other fashion and lingerie companies became interested in, and shared on their own social media platforms.

Above are a selection of infographics I've created, please get in contact if you are are interested in seeing more, or if you have any questions about them.