Anna Scholz

Whilst working for the fashion company Anna Scholz I was involved in SEO and digital design meetings, where I came up with content ideas for the company, such as their first set of infographics, interviewing people of interest to the fashion community, image and gif banners for advertising purposes, and photo shoot themes and ideas.

All of the newsletters and website content I created for the company, were researched, written and designed by me. The newsletters advertised new clothing, events and sales, and had to be designed in a way that was within the company's branding, but were new and interesting enough each week to prompt customers to read the newsletter and hopefully visit the website.

This was an enjoyable opportunity as I learn a lot about the fashion industry, and seeing as the company specialise in plus size designer clothing, I also did a lot of research into body-confidence issues, as well as how to deal with the extremely size-ist fashion industry. The website and blog pages I worked on also had more general subjects, such as linking into public holidays or famous sporting events, and these were all featured and shared with members of the fashion community through social media and email.

My position also involved editing photos of models and items in Photoshop to bring them up to company standards.

I also worked on the packaging of a new candle range, as well as the fabric print design used for an upcoming series of sweatshirts – it is a great feeling to be able to see clothing items that you had input into being worn by people!